Vision Statement

NetTrace is an owner-managed asset tracking and management company, providing kick-ass automated solutions internationally to its select customers.

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Mission Statement

NetTrace will provide accurate and secure integrated asset tracking and management solutions for a variety of asset types. Our automated system will deliver relevant information to key decision-makers and is developed through a partnership with a world leader in asset tracking software.

Through continuous product development in conjunction with training and consultancy, we ensure our solution remains indispensable for our customers. We work closely with our partners in the leasing industry and our growing reseller network to maximise our footprint. We strive to stay in close touch with our customers to ensure that we can anticipate their evolving needs and service these with honesty and integrity.

Founded in 1999, NetTrace (Pty) Ltd is a leading asset lifecycle tracking and management company that provides trusted asset inventory data, reliably and cost effectively through innovation, automation and persistent technology on a global scale. 

Founded in 2009, NetTrack International Ltd is the International business partner for NetTrace (Pty) Ltd, holding an equity stake in the South African Partner Company.

We define the business value of our products and services from the breadth of benefits and incremental usefulness that gets added in the ability to manage an organisations’ physical assets and secure its IT end user computing devices. Our product set, provided in conjunction with key technology partners, provides an end-to-end holistic asset tracking, risk management and reporting solution.